PPSDC Board of Directors

2016-2017 Board of Directors

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    Oliver Asis


    AboutI’m a engineer, photographer, traveler, and foodie. I’ve been in love in pictures and photography since I was young. It was not until I was in college that I took photography more seriously and pursued it. I started shooting landscapes and architecture however I also enjoy shooting portraits, events, and weddings. I started my photography business in 2011 doing portraits, events, and weddings. I still have a lot to learn about the craft and business of photography but I’m looking forward to the journey that it will bring me. Currently I work as a Transportation Engineer for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).


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    Diana Aeria


    AboutI have been a hobbyist for most of my life, enjoying travel, gardening & family events with so many memories due to my families photographs & now my images. When I decided it was time to become a professional photographer, I joined PPSDC which brought me to PPC & West Coast School. It has been a great experience & it is also helping me to become more outgoing. I finished my 2 years volunteering as the Treasurer & am now the President of PPSDC. I have a much better understanding of our group’s need for volunteers & I am encouraging others to help wherever they can. In my business, I work on location, throughout San Diego, and in my home studio. I am also a member of both PPC & PPA

1st Vice President

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    Janet Bark


    AboutI started my formal education in Commercial Art and Design. I quickly became interested in photography as a way to express my vision. In 1990, I began my career in a retail portrait studio where I discovered my love for photographing people. I did that for seven years before starting a family. At that time I had the opportunity to purchase a Hasselblad, (medium format film camera), where I continued shooting friends, family, and direct referrals until 2007 when I finally went to digital. Now that my kids are older, I have recommitted to this love of photography and made it my full time career again. I have enjoyed getting back in the game and really educating myself with all the latest technology. PPSDC has been a great resource for learning as well as mentorship and camaraderie. This last year and a half as a member has really helped me to improve my skills and grow my business.


Position open

Secretary / 2nd Vice President

Committee Chairs


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    Cindie Wolf


    AboutI am a Portrait Artist. I believe that photography and photographs of the people we love the most, the times we spent with them, interacting with them, will outlast any material thing we own…. These are the gifts we give our children and their children; something to pass down thru our generations so our stories can be told over and over again, and be remembered. UCSD Professional Certificate of Photography


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    Duane Chevalier


    AboutDuring most of my career as an electrical contractor and electrician, I have found myself wanting to just grab my camera, head out and do some landscape or architectural photography. This has been my desire for so much of of my adult life. Now it has been 35 years of raising and enjoying our family of five. Through all the experiences that comes with that, I understand how much the life of a loved one can mean to a person and how each of life’s moments with these dear loved ones can be so priceless. Now, I am refocused to the art of photographing these dear people in Portraiture and Wedding Photography. By becoming a member of PPSDC and taking advantage of their services, I have been learning photographic skills and practices from my peers here in the San Diego area as well as from top rated nationally known photographers from all around the country. Being a member has been a great experience for me. I find the members to be kind, personable and always happy to assist in many ways. I always look forward to the many opportunities that come my way through PPSDC.


Vendor Liaison

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    Robert Olsson


    AboutI specialize in hybrid headshot photography, talking headshots (videos) for business concerns for social media, and environmental family portraits. i offer storytelling composites to portray what is special about each family: who they are, how they relate to each other, what they have accomplished and what they like to do. Over 90% of my work is on-location, be it home, business, or somplace special to the family.

Vendor Sponsorship

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    Nathan Semel


    AboutI assist Alex Semel, of Alex Semel Photography. Feel free to review her Member Profile, for more specifics on what types of photography services are offered. I am also available to photograph collectibles, including but not limited to Wrist Watches (Rolex, Patek, Vacheron, Audemars, Panerai, and the like), Pocket Watches, Vintage Jewelry, Fine Pens (Mont Blanc, Dunhill, and the like), as examples. Also available for freelance photojournalism assignments, and specialize in law enforcement, public safety, and other local, state, federal government related issues/situations. Can be available on short notice for assignments in Southern California….feel free to call to check on my availability if you find yourself in a jam.


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    Ken Hofheinz


    AboutImage of the Year – PPSDC 2014 – Digital Imaging Photographer of the Year – I have been running Synergy Design for 20+ years. Started Blink Photography in 2013. Majored in Graphic Design in College and almost made photography my second major. PPSDC has been great these few years that I have been attending. It has been instrumental in improving my photography. PPSDC has been the best thing I have done for my photography business, hands down.

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