Community over Competition

The Professional Photographers of San Diego County is a diverse community of like mined, photography loving people who produce professional quality work. We provide educational programs which include speakers that will motivate you, and help grow your business. We are passionate about inspiring and promoting others, sharing our experiences, learning together and having fun!

Be More

The past couple years have been a challenge and we now need to pull together, uplift and inspire each other more than ever. Join us as we work together to challenge ourselves, hold each other accountable and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Come take part in the fun and education that PPSDC has to offer.

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Michelle Pennings

Michelle is an international award winning fine art photographer who specialized in themed portrait sessions for children. She became a Certified Professional Photographer in 2019 and is passionate about education and helping others achieve their goals. When she isn’t busy creating new sets or painting backdrops she can be found photographing underwater.

Janet Bark

Chairman and Treasuer

Janet is a portrait photographer specializing in Family, High School Senior, and Corporate Headshot photography. She has been involved in the industry for the past 27 years, and is a Certified Professional Photographer. She believes in community over competition, and living life to its full potential.

Cindie Wolf

1st VP –

Cindie’s info coming soon.

Dan Clouser

2nd VP – Image Competition

Dan is an award-winning travel and landscape photographer who began pursuing photography following retirement from a 30-year Navy career. His prints have been featured in galleries around the world to include a touring National Geographic exhibit in Kazakhstan. Based in La Mesa, California, he enjoys crafting images that inspire others to follow their wanderlust.

Lisa Miller

Committee Chairs

Jennifer Curry Wingrove

Jennifer’s info coming soon.

Melanie Robertson

Melanie is a portrait photographer specializing in High School senior and family photography. She believes that the senior year is a time to press the pause button and capture the memory. “Life goes too fast, you must stop and cherish the moments”. As PPSDC’s membership chair Melanie believes in the power of the group. That together we can educate and raise the standards of the local photography industry. Let’s do this together.

Ken Hofheinz

Capturing tomorrow’s memories today. With a flair for the dramatic, Ken likes doing portraits that look more like a Super Hero Movie poster than your typical photo on the beach. He also likes making images of super cars and bikes.

Joyce Muscat


Joyce’s info coming soon.

Past Presidents

2017-2021 – Janet Bark
2016-2017 – Diana Aeria
2015-2016 – Oliver Asis
2014-2015 – Sean Capshaw
2013-2014 – Monica Royal
2012-2013 – Lori Lum
2011-2012 – Jeff Davidson
2010-2011 – Amy Dawnelle
2009-2010 – Grant Usell
2007-2009 – Kip Cothran
2005-2007 – Caresse Muir
2004-2005 – Tony Corbell
2002-2004 – Heidi Hopp
2001-2002 – Todd LaValley
2000-2001 – Stacey Canfield
1999-2000 – Patricia Del Rio
1998-1999 – Deborah Brackmann
1997-1998 – Tim Meyer
1996-1997 – Roger Daines
1995-1996 – Peter Kramer
1994-1995 – David Knoll
1993-1994 – Ron Hughes
1992-1993 – Luci Dumas
1991-1992 – Jerry Barizo
1990-1991 – Gary Wigdahl
1989-1990 – Dan Canfield
1988-1989 – Stan Lawrence
1987-1988 – Dennis Jones
1986-1987 – Paul Stanley
1985-1986 – Richard Neil Albrecht
1984-1985 – John Gorman
1983-1984 – Brian Johnson
1982-1983 – Joe Butts
1982 – Frank Mulligan
1981 – Jerry Cherico
1980 – Terry Geier
1979 – Brian Johnson
1978 – Tony Francis
1977 – Mike Barth
1976 – Randy Nab, Dave Young, Gene Truex
1975 – Bill Cheney
1974 – Bart Stein
1973 – Victor Avila
1972 – Dick Cavin
1971 – Al Roedel
1970 – Will Smith
1969 – Frank B. Van Valkenburgh
1968 – Tony Estevez
1967 – Gene Truex
1966 – Earl Lewis
1965 – John Brown
1964 – John Daley
1963 – Bill Dendle
1962 – Lucille Whittaker
1961 – Floyd Ahrend
1960 – Bill Rutledge
1959 – Maurice Roy
1958 – Justus Ahrend
1957 – Tony Ricca
1955-1956 – Dick Hale